Deep Troubles


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released June 7, 2013

Recorded at Bookmountain Recordings
Album Artwork by XDudeOfDeathX



all rights reserved



angry hardcore from ratisbon, germany.

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Track Name: Fortune Favours Fools
i have no interest
in talking to you
all the shit out your mouth
proves that you have no clue
your conversation with me:
i'm hearing "bla bla bla"
just let me take a look at your girlfriend's bra

the only reason why
i stay with you
is 90-60-90 and a nice pair of shoes
of course i've lied to you
that your company rules
but the reason i'm still here
is just: fortune favours fools!
Track Name: Discover
from day to day
stuck in work and school
fuck this life i won't fit in
try to break out all the time

i've got no plan
where life will lead me
and i don't know which way to go
but what i know is
there are people
better never to be missed

of course i know
what it feels to be alone
in this cold dark world
roaming on my own

of course i know
what it feels to be alone
in this cold dark world
roaming on my own
to find no peace, to find no home
it's me alone
roaming on my own

roaming on my own
Track Name: Kings Head
i came to cut off the king's head
and take his crown
your time is over and i'm here to end it on my own
fear my potential
i'm getting closer
you better move back now

you better move back now

your power's getting weak
while i'm getting stronger
your power's getting weak
you can't last much longer

with every step i take in your direction
you take 2 steps back
while i'm rising in front of you
you need some help but there's nothing you can do

i came to cut off the king's head
i'll take him all he's got

no more living in fear
i am finally free
no need for help - just me
Track Name: No Time To Lose
headache heads and broken hearts
"no regrets" is just bullshit talk
after years i realised now
you got to live on somehow

every scratch and every scar
makes you the man you are

what's life without pain
it wouldn't be the same

everybody pay their dues
there is no time for you to loose

there is no time to loose
Track Name: Deep Troubles
everybody's wasting
waste away their precious time
lying, cheating, faking
their whole world is passing by

fake ideas and morals
nothing what's worth fighting for
like blind sheeps to their slaughter
you're living day by fucking day

and i wonder if
you ever open your mind
i wouldn't want to live
in a world that i despise

i tie an anchor around my leg
i feel the pistol behind my neck
i drown myself in the deepest see
to escape from reality